Wind Farm “Alibunar” put in operation

September 13, 2018

On September 11, 2018, the Belgian company Elicio put in operation the Wind Farm “Alibunar”, which consists of 21 units, with a total installed power of 42MW.

The ceremony to honor this event was attended by the Minister of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Antić, ambassadors of the Kingdom of Belgium and Switzerland, representatives of the IFC and Unicredit Bank, representatives of the Regional Government, Alibunar municipality and numerous partners and participants on the project, including representatives of the Contractors and part of our E&E project team.


ELEM & ELGO d.o.o. has the role of FIDIC and Supervising Consultant for the “grid” component for the Wind Farm connection to the power system (110kV transmission line and 110 kV switchyard).

Progress of training courses in Iraqi Kurdistan

April 10, 2018

The training courses in Erbil (Kurdistan Regional Government, KRG) are in progress and so far our experts successfully finalised 11 training sessions in different transmission and distribution topic. Remaining 4 topics will be covered in May 2018.

We are pleased to note that this has been a great experience for our team. Our services are well appreciated and the trainees of the KRG Ministry of Electricity are very interested in participation in the trainings. Especially interesting for our trainers is exchange of experience and practices with the engineers and technicians of the KRG Ministry.


Finalization of WBIF IPF Project “Feasibility Study 400 kV OHL Bajina Bašta – Kraljevo”

April 3, 2018

The final workshop for the Project “Feasibility Study 400 kV OHL Bajina Bašta – Kraljevo” was held on February 20, 2018.

2×400 kV OHL SS Pančevo 2 – border with Romania

December 25, 2017

E&E carried out technical inspection of the works on construction of 2×400 kV OHL SS Pančevo 2 – border with Romania, which was built as an interconnection cross-border transmission line, as the first completed of the Transbalkan corridor.

The entire project was by EMS, and contractors were local, Serbian companies.

The Transbalkan corridor will consist of the transmission lines between Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Italy. The transmission lines are routed from Resita in Romania to Pančevo, Obrenovac and Bajina Basta, then to Pljevlja in Montenegro and Lastva, and undersea cable will connect to Vilanova in Italy.

In Serbia, one section of the corridor will lead to Kragujevac and Kraljevo, and part of it will run to Visegrad in BiH (Republika Srpska).

Training courses in Kurdistan Region (Iraq)

August 15, 2017

In July 2017, ELEM & ELGO signed a contract for implementation of 13 training courses in Iraqi Kurdistan, referring to different transmission and distribution topics, including design of transmission facilities, construction, maintenance, standards, software, etc. The contract is signed with the German company Luthardt (main contractor) and the Client is Ministry of Economy of Kurdistan Region (Iraq).

The contract consists of the design part, including preparation of training material, and training sessions in Erbil. The services will be provided during 2017 and 2018.

An article about E&E on Creation of new values – recycling, renewable energy, ecology

June 16, 2017

Miloš Golubović, General Manager of ELEM & ELGO: We are expecting electrical power transmission corridors construction in Western Balkans

33rd Conference of CIGRE Serbia

April 17, 2017

33rd Conference of the Serbian National Committee of CIGRE will be held from 05 to 08 June 2017 on Zlatibor.

ELEM & ELGO will be actively involved in the conference, both in marketing part as a DONOR, and in technical part, through participation in technical events, especially in meetings of the technical committee B2 Overhead Transmission Lines.

Project Management Consultancy services for 110kV grid connection of Wind Farm Alibunar

February 17, 2017

E&E signed a contract for project management consultancy services for 110kV grid connection of Wind Farm Alibunar. The wind farm project is one of the first wind energy projects in Serbia to reach the implementation phase and is developed by the Belgian company Elicio NV, through its local company Electrawinds S d.o.o. When constructed, the wind farm will consist of 21 units, with total installed capacity of 48MW. The grid connection project consists of a 110kV switchyard and 110kV OHL. The line will connect to the existing 110kV OHL no. 151/2 SS Pančevo 2 – SS Alibunar.

The selected contractor for the subject project component is consortium of Elektroizgradnja d.o.o. and Elektroistok Izgradnja d.o.o. The E&E team to manage and support the project implementation consists of our best experts in areas of project management, design review, supervision and testing and commissioning, for both switchyard and OHL part.

We hope to be a part of a very successful project and, together with the Client, project Beneficiary (Elektromreža Srbije JSC) and Contractor, contribute to efficient implementation.

Notification about an important change in the management structure of ELEM & ELGO d.o.o.

January 23, 2017

In the end of 2016, an important change in the management structure within ELEM & ELGO d.o.o. (E&E) was implemented.

Miloš Golubović is the new General Manager of E&E.

Also, our colleagues with rich experience in working at E&E, were appointed as Assistant Managers:
– Ivica Bačvanski, Dip.Eng.El. (Technical issues) and
– Slavica Šećković, M.Sc.Econ. (Finance and Administration).

Ljubiša Golubović (former General Manager) and Mirjana Golubovic (former Deputy Manager for Finance and Administration) will continue to work at E&E as senior advisors.

In addition, a Supervising Committee and Committee Chairman have already been appointed in accordance with the Serbian Law on Companies.

We believe that these changes will strengthen the internal organization of our company and that we will continue to improve cooperation with our partners and clients.

Design of 110kV underground cable line in the centre of Belgrade

December 4, 2016

We signed a new contract with AD EMS (transmission system operator of Serbia) for design of new 110kV underground cable line between centrally located Belgrade substations Belgrade 1 and Belgrade 6. The contracted services comprise all design stages, from conceptual design to design for construction, environment impact assessment (EIA) study, geological study, fire protection study, crossing studies, etc.