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WBIF IPF Project “Feasibility Study: 400 kV OHL Bajina Bašta – Kraljevo”

E&E is continuing cooperation with the IPF3 Consoritum lead by Mott MacDonald, now on a project in Serbia, with official title “Feasibility Study – 400 kV OHL SS Bajina Bašta – SS Kraljevo 3”.

This time, the lead IFI is Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and the Beneficiary of the study is Serbian Transmission System Operator (JP Elektromreža Srbije – EMS).

As the title of the study implies, it refers to new 400kV connection between Bajina Bašta and Kraljevo, as a regionally important West – East energy corridor.  The Terms of Reference define the scope of services, which includes the following components:
1. System studies,
2. Technical assessment, including technical design of transmission lines and substations and Project Implementation Plan,
3. Financial and economic assessment and
4. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) study.

E&E is responsible for project management and technical assessment, OHL part. OHL technical design is developed to the level of Preliminary Design, as per the latest Serbian legislation. E&E will also coordinate issue od the EIA study according to local legislation, which is to be drafted by the ESIA team.

E&E team consists of senior project manager, five senior experts and one junior expert with electrical, civil, geological and geodetic background.

The other participants in the study are Electricity Coordination Center (EKC) Belgrade, GSS (Global Substation Solutions) Belgrade, as well as the teams responsible for the ESIA / EIA part and the Finance and Economics part.


The deadline for completion of the study is April 2017.