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Regional licensing

In order to strengthen our competitive position on the regional market, we establish quality partnerships with companies in the Western Balkans region, but also provide the necessary corporate and personal licenses for the provision of our services.

In addition to having the necessary licenses for the provision of design and supervision services on projects of power lines and substations with a voltage of 110kV and above, as well as facilities for the production of electricity with a power of over 10MW in North Macedonia, we have secured the appropriate licenses in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srpska).

Namely, since June of this year, we have the license “for the revision of technical documentation for facilities for which the construction permit is issued by the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology (R.Srpska), namely 1. structural part and 2. electrical part – installations of high voltage lines and substations“.

In Serbia we continue to maintain licenses no. P061E1, P062E1, P190E1, P203G1, I061E1, I062E1.