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Preliminary Design of Substations 35/10kV and Overhead Lines 35kV within Power Distribution System of Jugoistok Niš in South Serbia

E&E with consortium partners (GSS, Belgrade and Highway Institute, Belgrade) was awarded a contract for preparation of Preliminary Designs for construction of two substations 35/10 kV and four overhead lines 35 kV within Electric Power Distribution System of Jugoistok Niš, in southern Serbia.
The subject of the project are substations 35/10kV “Momin kamen” and “Brancarevo” and overhead lines: OHL 35kV from SS 110/35/10kV “Vladicin Han” to SS 35/10kV Vladicin Han 1, OHL 35kV from 35/10 kV “Vladicin Han 1” to SS 35/10 kV “Momin kamen”, OHL 35kV from SS 35/10kV “Bancarevo” to existing OHL 35kV Ostrovica – Dolac and OHL from SS 35/10 kV “Predejane” to SS 35/10 kV “Momin kamen”.
The construction of the substations and power lines will provide a reliable power supply of infrastructure on motorways E-75 and E-80, and is therefore regarded as a project of high importance for Serbia.