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Feasibility Study: 400kV Interconnection Serbia – Montenegro – BiH

E&E signed a contract with WYG International (UK) for Feasibility Study of 400kV Interconnection Serbia – Montenegro – BiH, in part Technical Design and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Study.

The project is financed by the European Union, through Western Balkans Investment Fund (WBIF), within IPF1 project.

The Beneficiaries of the Study are Elektromreža Srbije (EMS), Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem (CGES), NOS BiH and Elektroprenos BiH.

The Study contains the following elements:
1. System Studies
2. Technical Assessment, including Technical Design of transmission lines and substations and Project Implementation Plan
3. Financial analysis
4. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Study
E&E is responsible Technical Assessment and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Study. Technical Design is developed on the Preliminary Design level for transmission lines 400kV and General Design for substations 400/x kV. In addition to this, it is necessary to prepare technical assessment of a chosen scenario of regional network development (110kV, 220kV i 400kV) with all team members and defin a Project Implementation Plan for the complete scope.
Electricity Coordination Center (EKC) Belgrade is participating in the Study as well, in parts System Studies and Project Management. In addition to the two companies, independent experts are responsible for financial part of the Study.
Deadline for contract exectution is October 2014.