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2×400 kV OHL SS Pančevo 2 – border with Romania

E&E carried out technical inspection of the works on construction of 2×400 kV OHL SS Pančevo 2 – border with Romania, which was built as an interconnection cross-border transmission line, as the first completed of the Transbalkan corridor.

The entire project was by EMS, and contractors were local, Serbian companies.

The Transbalkan corridor will consist of the transmission lines between Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Italy. The transmission lines are routed from Resita in Romania to Pančevo, Obrenovac and Bajina Basta, then to Pljevlja in Montenegro and Lastva, and undersea cable will connect to Vilanova in Italy.

In Serbia, one section of the corridor will lead to Kragujevac and Kraljevo, and part of it will run to Visegrad in BiH (Republika Srpska).