MEF Energy Forum 2021 in Skopje

September 15, 2021

Miloš Golubović participated as a panelist at the MEF Energy Forum 2021 in Skopje.

The MEF Energy Forum 2021 ( was held on 13 and 14 September 2021. The forum was attended by numerous representatives of governments in the region, including Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, as well as representatives of local governments, embassies to Northern Macedonia, numerous private and public companies in the energy sector, investors from all over Europe, European Union institutions, etc.

General Manager of E&E represented our partner Hill International Inc. at Panel 5: Future Development of Renewable Energy Sources in the Region. At the panel, he discussed especially about the importance of strategic investments in transmission network infrastructure for successful development of large scale renewable energy projects.



September 10, 2021

On 06 September 2021, a new company ELEM & ELGO SWEDEN AB has been registered in Sweden, with the 100% founding capital by ELEM & ELGO d.o.o. Belgrade. The objective of the establishment of the new company is development of our business activities in Sweden and intensified presence at the Swedish market. We hope to grow our new company in the same way we are doing in Serbia, following our business principles and positive business culture and, at the same time, applying the positive business practice of the Swedish market.



December 29, 2020

It is a great honor and pleasure to support our young and talented colleagues from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade University.
In the finals of the world’s largest university competition in the field of energy efficient solutions “International Future Energy Challenge 2020” held at the University of Aalborg (Kingdom of Denmark), the ETF’s H-Bridges team won second place and “The Outstanding Performance Award”.

North CSE Corridor – New strategic project in Serbia supported by WBIF

August 1, 2020

In July 2020, a development of new strategic project for the Serbian transmission system commenced by initiation of the Pre-Feasibility Study. The beneficiary of the study is the Serbian Transmission System Operator Elektromreža Srbije JSC (EMS) and the project is implemented by IPF7 Consortium lead by Hill International. The grant is provided by the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF). The IFI is German Development Bank (KfW). Our E&E team is responsible for the project management and technical (overhead lines and substation) component.

The subject assignment is focused on the assessment of the following planned transmission infrastructure developments, being a part of the North CSE Corridor Project:

  1. Substation 400/110 kV Belgrade West,
  2. 400 kV OHL S/S Belgrade West – WPP Čibuk 1 and
  3. Upgrade of existing 400 kV OHL Serbia (HPP Djerdap 1) – Romania (Portile de Fier) to double-circuit OHL.

These components are clustered together in the North CSE Corridor Project, considering that they represent significant bottlenecks or missing links on the major 400kV corridor from eastern Romania to the Belgrade region in Serbia.

Among other potential benefits of the project, its implementation should significantly reduce current congestions in the regions of Belgrade and South Banat and enable future connections of RES (renewable energy sources), especially wind farms in the region of South Banat.

It is planned that the Pre-Feasibility Study, together with the Conceptual Design of overhead lines and substation and Preliminary ESIA Study would be completed by May 2021.

We are pleased to be a part of such an important project and assist in its successful development.

State of emergency due to Coronavirus

April 9, 2020

Changed working conditions in our company, due to extraordinary circumstances, have made the job difficult, but not impossible.

We praise everyone for the effort!

New contract for Consulting Services related to Grid Connection of future WF Bašaid to Serbian transmission network

April 6, 2020

On 24.03.2020 we signed a contract for Consulting Services related to Grid Connection of future WF Bašaid to Serbian transmission network with Bašaid Wind d.o.o. Belgrade. With our colleagues from Global Substation Solutions d.o.o., we will assist the client in the initial phase of the project development, including selection of 110kV overhead line corridor, layout of 110kV switchyard, preparation of conceptual design, assistance during the preparation of spatial documentation, preparation of conceptual design and design for construction permit and assistance in the permitting process.

First project in Sweden – Consultancy services on project of 400kV OHL Snösätra – Ekudden

August 25, 2019

We started our first project in Sweden. Engineers of ELEM & ELGO will be a part of the team of Vattenfall Services and ASTM AB to provide consultancy services during the works on construction of 400kV OHL Snösätra – Ekudden.

The end client is SVENSKA KRAFTNÄT and contractor Dalekovod Zagreb.

Great success of the ETF’s H-Bridges team

August 5, 2019

We are proud to announce that the ETF’s H-Bridges team has won first place in the world’s largest university competition in the field of innovative and energy efficient solutions International Future Energy Challenge 2019, held at the University of Madison (Wisconsin).

The prototype of an electric bicycle developed in the laboratory for digital control and electric vehicles of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade has met each individual competition criterion.

As a company that encourages the advancement of young people, we were pleased to be able to help these talented and hard working members of the ETF’s H-Bridges team to achieve this success.

Services for Construction of 400 kV Single Circuit Transmission Line Kragujevac 2 – Kraljevo 3 and extension of Substations Kragujevac 2 and Kraljevo 3

November 1, 2018

This October, a consortium of ÅF Consult Switzerland and ELEM & ELGO signed a contract with the Serbian TSO Elektromreža Srbije for Consulting Services for Construction of 400 kV Single Circuit Transmission Line Kragujevac 2 – Kraljevo 3 and extension of Substations Kragujevac 2 and Kraljevo 3.

The services comprise PIU Consulting services for implementation of the transmission network development project. The services include project preparation and implementation stage for two lots (overhead line and substations), including preparation of tender documents, tendering process, contract negotiation process and consultancy services during the implementation phase.

The contract shall be completed within 36 months.

The project is co-financed by KfW and WBIF.

Wind Farm “Alibunar” put in operation

September 13, 2018

On September 11, 2018, the Belgian company Elicio put in operation the Wind Farm “Alibunar”, which consists of 21 units, with a total installed power of 42MW.

The ceremony to honor this event was attended by the Minister of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Antić, ambassadors of the Kingdom of Belgium and Switzerland, representatives of the IFC and Unicredit Bank, representatives of the Regional Government, Alibunar municipality and numerous partners and participants on the project, including representatives of the Contractors and part of our E&E project team.


ELEM & ELGO d.o.o. has the role of FIDIC and Supervising Consultant for the “grid” component for the Wind Farm connection to the power system (110kV transmission line and 110 kV switchyard).