September 26, 2016 Srdjan Miletic

E&E on LinkedIn

From now on you can also follow our activities on LinkedIn.

March 16, 2016 Srdjan Miletic

A bowling day was a big hit

Yesterday employees of Elemelgo spent another memorable evening at the bowling alley “Žabac”. In a good mood and with a glass of brandy, bowling pins were falling down easily. Of course, although this is not essential, it was known in advance who would be the best. Congratulations to the winner!

March 4, 2016 Srdjan Miletic

Sports activities in our company

In order to improve the physical fitness of our colleagues we have available swimming pool season ticket and from now on, a training bike at disposal. We hope that will be used to the satisfaction of all employees.

December 2, 2015 admin

New web page, new sections

Our new web page has been in preparation for several months now and now it is finally there. The idea to change, to improve, was born almost a year ago. It is, of course, my fault that it took so much time.

And of course, it is yet to be filled with data, documents, news, updated project information,…

We even have a completely new, a bit unexpected, section now, we call it a “blog” and still have no big ideas on how to use it. My main idea was to relax the page and our, sometimes very conservative and old-fashioned, business. Let’s see how it works. At least it has one input now.