1993 - 1997


The company was founded in 1993. Until 1996, basic plans for commencement of business activities, legal basis and initial business plan were prepared.In this period, the company created a framework which defined a development of the company in the following 10 years.

In 1996, the company commenced the professional engagement, as a subcontractor to other companies, on elaboration of technical documentation on projects of electrical power facilities in Serbia.

The first contract for technical supervision of electrical installation works on highway E-75, Belgrade Ring road, was signed in 1997. In the same year, the company was engaged in supervision of electrical installation works on the state road Belgrade - Pančevo.

The first contract under name ELEM & ELGO d.o.o. was signed for preparation of technical documentation for construction of 110kV OHL Leskovac - Grdelica (1997).

1998 - 2002


As a precondition for more intensive market appearance and new opportunities, in 1998 the company obtained the License of the Ministry of Construction of Serbia for participation in projects of importance for municipalities and cities ("small license"), and in 2000 the License of the Ministry of Construction of Serbia for participation in projects of importance for the Republic ("big license"). In 2002, the company employs five electrical engineers with professional exam, of in total seven full-time employees.

In 1998 the company signed a contract for consultancy services, for technical supervision of maintenance of electrical installations on highways E-70, E-75 and E-80, with the Serbian Road Directorate. This contract was being renewed and extended until 2003, when this institution, under the new name Roads of Serbia, itself formed a team to perform these tasks. In this period, the company was engaged in preparation of technical documentation on projects of public lighting installations and electric power facilities of medium and high voltage, for numerous clients, mostly national and city / municipality institutions and public enterprises.

Based on the gained experience on previous maintenance supervision projects, the company commenced works on supervision of maintenance of traffic signalisation systems in the City of Belgrade (10 central city municipalities). As a part of this project, a software package was developed, which improved procedures of organization follow-up and works progress. After appropriate preparation activities. the engagement on international markets began, in sense of development of partnerships with Serbian and international companies. The contacts which were created, as well as the gained experience in this period, presented a basis for future expansion to international markets.

In Serbia, the company signed several partnership contracts, with companies of similar structure and technical institutes. From the financial point of view, the principles of long-term and responsible planning and stability were established. In line with this, starting from 1999, the company has been audited by independent auditors, although this was not required by the legislation for companies of this size. The company follows up technical development and innovations in the fields of interest and contributes to the technical conferences in Serbia, such as CIGRE, CIRED, IRF, etc., as a sponsor and participant.

2003 - 2010


Further development of the company was characterised by scope of services extension, increase of number of clients, participation in international projects, increase of number of employees and increase of turnover.

In this period, two fields of activities clearly distinguish:
- Electrical Energy Transmission and Distribution Facilities and
- Electrical Installations and Systems within Infrastructure Projects and Industry.

In 2003 and 2004, the first projects in Nigeria and Slovenia were contracted, referring to design and consulting services on projects of construction of high voltage transmission network (110kV - 330kV). Since that moment, the company has constantly been present on markets in Europe and West Africa, on similar projects of high voltage electrical power facilities. In 2005, the company obtained a License of the Ministry of Capital Investments of Serbia for elaboration of technical documentation for electric power facilities of medium and high voltage, for transmission lines and transformer stations, at voltage level 110kV and above.

Since 2006, the company has been engaged on projects of construction of electric power infrastructure in Serbia, financed by the European Union, through its representative offices in Serbia (European Agency for Reconstruction, Delegation of the European Commission and Delegation of the European Union). Detailed information on these projects are given in the List of References. The company increased investments in its technological development and education of employees, so it obtained the necessary specialized software for design (PLS-CADD, TOWER etc.), and the employees attended different specialised workshops and trainings. This qualified E&E for the projects which require high technical proficiency and performance efficiency.

New corporate identity was adopted in 2007. In 2009, the activities on implementation of quality management system based on ISO 9001 standard commenced. By 2010, the number of employees steadily increased and, besides the head office, two design offices were established, in Belgrade and in Leskovac.

2010 - 2015


In this period, E&E was growing in sense of infrastructure improvement, introduction of quality managements system, structured follow up of the market, professional training and participation in professional technical bodies, trying to contribute to changes in the industry. In the same time, we are preparing to be robust for our internal changes and are tending to manage risks, being a reputable, recognised company, now with significant tradition.

Consulting. As a reputable company with in-house professional experience, E&E became recognised as a reliable consulting partner. As a consulting company, E&E participated in a number of very sensitive network development projects, in several international markets (Balkans region, Myanmar, Georgia, Nigeria). On these projects, our partners were almost exclusively globally established consulting companies. We believe that this experience qualifies us for further expansion and development.

Changes. In addition to our established fields of engagement, we recognized the changes in the market and started targeting renewable energy sources (RES) projects, by employing experienced experts and through a learning process. We are, inter alia, a qualified consultant of Volksbank (now Sberbank) in Serbia for hydro and biomass projects. Quality. We are trying to be more efficient and increase quality of our services, but also be responsible towards the environment, our employees and society. Since 2011 E&E implements quality management system (ISO 9001) and since 2014 integrated management system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001).

E&E employees actively participated in CIRED and CIGRE conferences, our engineers are members of Serbian CIGRE B2 Committee, we published conference papers and participated in different workshops, trainings, etc. In 2011, the design office moved to the new own building in Belgrade.

2015 and on


During the first 20 years of existence, E&E went through different phases of development and became a recognized design and consulting company in power engineering. The company built a system to maintain quality, learning process and responsible business relations. We may proudly confirm the readiness for changes and new energy.